Prisoners Movie Review and Official HD Trailer starring Hugh Jackson

“Where’s My Daughter,” Keller Dover threateningly asks the kidnapper. Prisoners is a hard hitting suspense drama of two Pennsylvania families whose daughters get kidnapped on Thanks Giving Day, the lead is played by X-Men famed Hugh Jackson as Kelly Dover.

The story unfolds when Kelly’s family decides to spend their thanks giving with his black buddy friend at their house. Their daughters decide to go out for some fun but do not return on time prompting a frantic search by their families. Upon realizing that a suspicious mobile home trailer was seen parked on their street the families immediately call the cops.

Jack Gyllenhaal from Prince of Persia plays detective Loki the cop that leads the investigation on the missing daughters. After they manage to track down the suspected kidnapper the owner of the trailer, a partially mentally retarded man played by Paul Dano ( Looper fame) they have no choice but to let him go because of lack of evidence.

With time running out and the cops unable to get any new leads Kelly Dover decides to do what most reel life father would do and that is to take matters on his own hands. He abducts the suspected kidnapper with the hope of applying the third degree in order to get the truth out of him.

But has he got the right man? Prisoners is a movie full of twists and turns as much as an intense suspense drama that will keep you glued to your seats because at no stage will you be able to put your finger on who the kidnapper is. Initially the leading role was supposed to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio but did not fall through for some reason.

The movie trailer is superb and Hugh Jackson seems to be heading for an Oscar nomination for best actor by the looks of things and oh it’s a 2 1/2 hour movie so make sure you do your business before you take your seats.

Watch the HD Trailer Here.